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Original Equipment Manufacturer (better known as “OEM”) cartridges are typically referred to as “new” cartridges because they contain all new components.  These are name brand inks and toners produced by the same manufacturer as your printer (for example – Brother, Canon, HP, Lexmark and Dell).  As you might expect, OEM toners are the most expensive, but they are designed to work flawlessly with your specific model of printer.

Compatible cartridges are produced by a manufacturer other than the maker of your printer.  Remanufactured (also known as “Reman”) cartridges are made using pieces of recycled cartridges that have only been used once before.

Yes, if you find the right supplier. Currently, the toner- and ink-cartridge market is being flooded with un-tested products from overseas, where industry standards and quality control are virtually non-existent. A consumer may save some money buying from an unknown online supplier at a cheaper price. But what happens if the products do not perform properly? Will you get customer service? Not likely.

At RTS Imaging, we take great pride in carrying the world’s leading aftermarket brands. If you experience any problems with our products, we respond quickly to resolve the issue so that your organization does not experience any downtime.

Using a compatible cartridge gives you great savings, and if you buy a high quality compatible you will see no differences in print quality or how long it lasts.

Yes, RTS Imaging carry only the world’s leading aftermarket brands—Static Control, Katun, and Make Shaper. Our products are the best money can buy and are comparable to the OEM’s. All of our raw materials and finished products (cartridges) carry a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our laser cartridges also are covered with a warranty in the unlikely event that it causes damage to your printer.

It is completely false that using aftermarket printer cartridges in your printer will void the warranty, Australian consumer law protects against this. We further remove any concerns by extending a warranty that covers printer damage caused by a laser cartridge.

Page yield is used to measure the approximate number of pages (at approximately 5% coverage per page which is equal to a short letter) that you should be able to print with one cartridge.  Very full pages, images and bold texts will result in a lower page yield.

Whether you buy OEM or compatible cartridges, there is a chance that you will receive a defective cartridge.  While some cartridges are clearly defective (arriving with broken parts or leaking), other defects in printing could be due to several other factors.

In many cases, the toner may simply be defective and a new toner will resolve your problems.  We have a generous return policy and we will instantly replace defective toners as soon as possible.  Once we confirm the toner is defective, we will issue a full credit for the toner. You can also look at the Troubleshooting Guide in the Services section of our website

The quickest way to determine whether an image defect is cartridge or printer related is to replace the cartridge. If you have two of the same model printer you can swap the cartridges around. If the problem follows the cartridge then you know it is a cartridge problem. If the problem stays with the printer, despite what cartridge is fitted, then it's a printer problem.

If the cartridge has recently been installed, check that the seal has been removed. If the cartridge has been in the printer for some time it may just be running out of toner. You can take the cartridge out of the printer and gently rock it to re-distribute the remaining toner, but it will need replacing in the near future.
The toner used in RTS cartridges is not toxic. You can obtain the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for your printer model by contacting our customer service team.

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