Quality Policy

$0Quality Policy$0 $0 $0 RTS Imaging is committed to providing superior value to our product users by:$0 $0• Maintaining our Leadership position as a remanufacturer of quality laser cartridges to internationally recognised test methods;$0 $0• Continuing to provide and supply an extensive range of IT consumables based on the needs of the market;$0 $0• Providing professional and knowledgeable service; access to technical advice and support; and after sales assistance – aimed at reducing customer concerns to zero;$0 $0• Establishing and improving close relationships with key customers and suppliers;$0 $0• Continually improving productivity and efficiency.$0 $0Our aim is to exceed our customers' needs and expectations and this will be achieved through continual improvement of our products and Quality Management System.$0 $0We have chosen to implement and maintain a Quality Management System using AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 as a basis of our operation, providing a sound foundation for the establishment of our business policies and practices.$0 $0Our employees understand that through a continual improvement of Quality and skills enhancement, we will be able to exceed our customers' needs and provide continued employment and development opportunities for our people.$0 $0This Policy will form the basis for communicating our goals and objectives to our employees and reviewing current and future objectives on an on-going basis$0